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Vintage Swing Dancing and 1950s Teen History
(1950s rock n' roll, 1950s juvenile delinquency, teen idols, 1950s teen fashions,
hot rod culture, rock n' roll dance styles, teen movies of the 1950s.)

Wedding Dance Lessons & Quinceanera Dance


Rockin' Swing also provides high quality wedding dance lessons for our Bay Area couples who are getting ready for that special day, as well as families of teens, who are also preparing to feature their daughter's coming into adulthood.


No experience?  No problem!


The last thing you want is one more thing to have to worry about on your or your loved one's special day.

A variety of dances to learn are available to suit the song you choose (cha-cha, salsa, waltz, nightclub two-step, hustle, hip-hop, whatever will best suit the song that you have in mind.)


Shop and compare.


For a no obligation trial lesson, to see if what is offered would fit your specific wedding, or coming-of-age party event choreography dance needs, the contact form is below.


When contacting, please state the date of the event, available times and days to both speak on the phone, as well as to meet in person, and please state the song that you have in mind.



One time, no obligation 30 minute private trial lesson - $25


1 hour lessons (after the trial lesson), paid on a "per lesson" basis - $85


Package of five, 1-hour lessons paid up front - $400 (breaks down to $80 an hour)


Package of ten, 1-hour lessons paid up front - $750 (breaks down to $75 an hour, and the cost breakdown would be the same if paid up front for 10, and adding five additional lessons, with the additional five paid per lesson.)


Package of 15 or more, 1-hour lessons paid up front, cost of breakdown for each lesson would be $50.  (For example, a 15 lesson package will total $750, and must be paid up front to get this price.)


*Note: Above costs are for lessons taken in Union City, Newark, Northern Fremont (close to Union City and Newark), or South Hayward (along the Union City border.) If taken beyond those areas, fees for gas and travel time will be applied.  If taken at dance studios, rental fees, paid directly to the studios being used, will be paid by the customer to the studio.

If interested, please fill out the form below.

Success! Message received.

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