Rock N' Swing is the San Francisco Bay Area's fast paced and energetic swing dance lesson series geared specifically for flashy, fancy, and fun(!) swing dancing to traditional 1950's style rockabilly and rhythm and blues. Regular weekly swing dance classes in the “Dean Collins” style of “Lindy Hop” or "jitterbug” swing are taught through Slim Fitness' Swing Dance Program, The Joanne Brown Dancers, and The Mark Green Sports Center in Union City. 


Slim Fitness is located at:

5437 Central Avenue
Suite #3

Newark , CA 94560


Mark Green Sports Center is located at:
31224 Union City Blvd.
Union City, CA 94587


Joanne Brown Dancers is located at:
33535 Western Avenue
Union City, CA 94587


Dance Instructor Michael Quebec brings his over 20 years of teaching and performance experience to "Rock N' Swing", making sure that students get the most thorough and detailed instruction possible, while doing it in a patient, welcoming, energetic, and fun manner! This is retro vintage dance instruction with the most modern up to date instruction techniques!


Contact Mike at (510)-240-2732 or at for private lessons. Check out our latest events, as well as our weekly group class schedule.



Practicing various turns during one of our Saturday workshops at The Joanne Brown Dancers in Union City.

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Hitting The Breaks
Hitting The Breaks

Working "quickstops" and other moves that hit breaks in the music at one of our Saturday Union City workshops at The Joanne Brown Dancers (33535 Western Avenue.)

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David and Gina
David and Gina

David Galvin and Gina Katigbak, two very popular West Coast Swing instructors, trying out some Smooth Lindy Hop and doing extremely well while having a good time!

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Practicing various turns during one of our Saturday workshops at The Joanne Brown Dancers in Union City.

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Tuesdays, beginners East Coast Swing at The Mark Green Sports Center, 31224 Union City Blvd, Union City, CA 94587 at 7:45 p.m. and Thursdays, Lindy Hop at SLIM Fitness at 8:00 p.m. (5437 Central Ave. Suite #3 in Newark.)  Register by clicking on the flyers below!

Rockinswing will also continue to provide free online articles on 1950s teen culture history.  The history of rock n' roll, 1950s-era dances, hot rod culture, teen idols and "Kleen Teen" culture, 1950s teen fashions, The Beat Generation and the beatnik fad, and the history of 1950s juvenile-delinquency and street gangs will be explored in detail in blog/article and even e-book form, to provide fans of vintage culture free resources for historical research and recreational reading. 


Visit our blog section to check out our first blog on 1950's juvenile-delinquency, "Rebels Without A Cause:  The Lost History of 1950's Youth Gangs."  (Click on the button to access the blog.)


Instructional dance videos will be provided, free of charge, at channel "Michael Quebec" at the clickable You Tube Channel button.


Videos on the history of 1950's youth culture will be provided at channel "Mike Quebec's Hepcats Hangout," which can be accessed via the button below:

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REBELS WITHOUT A CAUSE: A brief history of youth crime between the years 1950-1961.

REBELS WITHOUT A CAUSE: A brief history of youth crime between the years 1950-1961.

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All Videos

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Above is the flyer used to promote the latest blog, which, for all intents and purposes, is actually a free e-book.


Accompanied with vintage news articles, photos, surviving court documents, and interviews, this is the complete history of 1950s juvenile delinquency, the true stories of the inner-city street gangs of the 1950s that would inspire movies such as "Blackboard Jungle" and "Rebel Without A Cause," as well as the stage play and later movie adaptation of "West Side Story."

This is the story of 1950s juvenile-delinquency as it actually was, not the sanitized and candied-up propaganda of "nostalgia," which falsely equates 1950s juvenile delinquency with harmless pranks and minor acts of vandalism.  The history of 1950s youth gangs are stories of troubled young people, while examining issues of poverty, urban crime, mental health, racial intolerance, as well as hope and redemption. 


Access the blog page by clicking on the flyer above.


Home School Teen Swing Dance Program

Rockin' Swing provides swing dance as a way of providing a fun fitness format with social events for teens.  We follow California physical education requirements.  If you have a home school teen group that would like to join our teen swing dance program for physical education, click below.

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Vintage Alley is Hayward, California's 1940's and 1950's inspired vintage boutique, hair salon, and clothing store where all of your vintage swing and rockabilly fashion needs can be met.  In addtion, Vintage Alley also hosts a yearly car festival with pin ups, classic cars, and live music to dance to.

Go to their site,, by clicking on their welcome message.

Brooklyn Rumble smaller.jpg

James Marshall, "The Hound," is a rock n' roll historian who has written liner notes for various CDs, including Hollowbody's rare rockabilly and chicken-bop series (I personally have the "Wail Man Wail" cd, and it's the most!)

His podcast broadcasts some of the most rockin'-est cuts that you won't find in any "oldies" collection.

Access his site ( by clicking on the logo.

Online retail and wholesale quality vintage clothing at reasonable prices, for both men and women can be found at Swanky's.  

Visit by clicking on their card.

Ratrodz n Pinups at is San Antonio, Texas' go-to for rockabilly inspired men's and women's apparel.  

Owner Frank Teniente can be contacted directly at

They also have a kewl blog section, so check 'em out by clicking on their card!

Click on one of our Swingin' Dance Demo Videos below to play them!  

Suggested Vintage '50's/Rockabilly Links  

Author David Van Pelt has years of extensive research into the subject of 1950's-era New York youth gangs. 

His book, "Brooklyn Rumble," is an excellent resource for those 1950's culture fans who would like to know the actual history of this aspect of 1950's youth culture, without the "sugar coating" and with detailed historical sources.

Go to his site,, by clicking on the "Brooklyn Rumble" book scan.

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Looking for high-quality vintage-inspired clothing reproductions, specifically for women?  

Ms. Kim's Vintage Gal at will hook you up right!  (Click on the card.)

For rockin' record hops and live bands, as well as burlesque, check out Handsome Hawk Valentine's Hops in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Click on the picture button of Hawk himself(!) to visit his site on updates on all of his rockin' shows and events!