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Rock N' Swing is the San Francisco Bay Area's fast paced and energetic swing dance lesson series geared specifically for flashy, fancy, and fun(!) swing dancing to traditional 1950's style rockabilly and rhythm and blues. Regular weekly swing dance classes in the “Dean Collins” style of “Lindy Hop” or "jitterbug” swing are taught through workshops at The Joanne Brown Dancers, and weekly classes at The Mark Green Sports Center in Union City. 

Mark Green Sports Center is located at:
31224 Union City Blvd.
Union City, CA 94587


Joanne Brown Dancers is located at:
33535 Western Avenue
Union City, CA 94587


Dance Instructor Michael Quebec brings his over 20 years of teaching and performance experience to "Rock N' Swing", making sure that students get the most thorough and detailed instruction possible, while doing it in a patient, welcoming, energetic, and fun manner! This is retro vintage dance instruction with the most modern up to date instruction techniques!


Contact Mike at (510)-240-2732 or at for private lessons. Check out our latest events, as well as our weekly group class schedule.



East Coast Swing is on Fridays, Level 2 Lindy Hop is on Tuesdays.  Thursday Level 1 Lindy resumes in September. All held at the Mark Green Center, 31224 Union City Blvd, Union City, CA 94587, 7:45 p.m. 

Rockinswing will also continue to provide free online articles on 1950s teen culture history.  The history of rock n' roll, 1950s-era dances, hot rod culture, teen idols and "Kleen Teen" culture, 1950s teen fashions, The Beat Generation and the beatnik fad, and the history of 1950s juvenile-delinquency and street gangs will be explored in detail in blog/article and even e-book form, to provide fans of vintage culture free resources for historical research and recreational reading. 


Visit our blog section to check out our latest blog, "The Word On Grease:  History Vs. Hollywood"   (Click on the button to access the blog.)


Instructional dance videos will be provided, free of charge, at channel "Michael Quebec" at the clickable You Tube Channel button.


Videos on the history of 1950's youth culture will be provided at channel "Mike Quebec's Hepcats Hangout," which can be accessed via the button below:

May 2024 Shag and Tandem Chrleston Worklshop copy.jpg
REBELS WITHOUT A CAUSE: A brief history of youth crime between the years 1950-1961.

REBELS WITHOUT A CAUSE: A brief history of youth crime between the years 1950-1961.

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