1950's Dance Styles That Didn't Make It Into The Rockabilly Scene, Yet

Ever heard of a dance called "The Slop?" (Can you even imagine asking someone, “Want to slop together?”) Does "The Walk" sound like something that you wouldn’t mind doing off on the side of the dance floor, by yourself, if you’ve just been turned down by the girl you thought was smiling at you, and you still want to continue “looking cool”...as your chuckling buddies look on? Want to impress fellow guests with your vintage knowledge at the next tiki pool party by casually mentioning that you’ve just mastered “The Slauson Shuffle”, “The Flea”, “The Dishrag Spin”, and most importantly, “The Itch”, while they look on with admiration...or blank stares? When most folks think of 1950’s Rock n’